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Geezer Girls Killer Tune


World Book Night 2014

Geezer Girls selected for World Book Night, 2014

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New Book on the Block


You wake up in a hotel room.
You can't remember how you got there.
You find a dead body in the bath
Its face has been blown away
Blown away with your gun...

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Monday 8 – 11 Downing Street, International Literacy Day

On behalf of The Reading Agency and by kind permission of Frances Osborne, I have been invited to a reception to celebrate the success of the agency’s Six Book Challenge. Such an honour for me!

A Culture Show Special - Knight Errant: Lee Child

BBC 2 Wednesday 29 December

What an honour to talk about the man himself, Lee Child, and his amazing work and life.

Lee Child - Knight Errant

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Dreda named 50 Remarkable Women in Britain.

This is a truly remarkable honour from Lady Geek in association with Nokia.

Remarkable Women

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