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about Dreda

I am a writer, broadcaster, journalist and education adviser – in other words a real busybody.

I was born in the East End of London. My parents migrated to England from the Caribbean island of Grenada. I grew up on a housing estate one street up from Cable Street and five minutes walk from The Tower of London. It was during my visits to Whitechapel library that my love of books grew. I then went off to take a degree in African history at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and later obtained an MA in education studies.

I became a teacher, including becoming a deputy headteacher. One of my great passions in life is improving the life chances of Black and working-class children, so I work as a freelance consultant.

I am also a radio broadcaster. It is always such an honour and pleasure to be able to comment on other peoples' work and make programmes about issues I feel passionate about. Checkout the news page to find out more about my appearances on radio.

I also do an occasional spot of journalism, for publications such as The Guardian and The Independent. Checkout 'The World According To Dreda' section to find out more about the articles that I’ve written.

I love to travel with my hot feet taking me to as far as Ethiopia and Cambodia, Laos and the Lebanon.

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