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Daisy’s Story

One Good Girl
One Bad Family
One Very Dangerous Bank Job

Daisy Sullivan’s father was one of London's most infamous gangsters. Haunted by his violent death she vows to live a respectable life.

That is until the day her life starts to explode. The day her mum, who abandoned her when she was young and who she barely remembers barges back into her life.

It doesn’t take Daisy long to realise that her mum is the Queen-pin of a prostitution ring with links to high society and the head of one of London's most feared underworld families – the Kings. Soon she is drawn into their next criminal act – a bank job. A job that turns out to be no ordinary robbery.

Soon she is running for her life and the only person she can trust is up and coming gangland bad boy, Ricky Smart.


Audio Book

audio book coverGangster Girl is read by the fantastic actress Adjoa Andoh and published by Whole Story Audio Books. You can purchase this directly from the Whole Story Audio Books' website. Below you can hear a sample of Killer Tune's audio book;



A fine piece of British crime fiction. Booklist, US
Awesome tale written by a talented writer. The Sun
The action in this thriller moves as fast as bullets. Pride
Fine entertainment. Telegraph
A cliff-hanger at the end of every chapter and a vitality of language that leaps of the page. Independent, The Thursday Book
Another East End sizzler. Dreda guns you down from the very start.

The Northern Echo


Gangster Girl


Daisy stared at the dead body.

At the growing pool of blood.
At the compact pistol in her hand.
Whatever you do, never run’, she heard his earlier warning beating once again inside her head.

But she ran. Shot out of the room. Down the corridor. Took the stairs two at a time. Hit ground level. The sweat trickled down her face from the heat. From the fear. Her breathing cut up the air. She looked straight ahead. More blood on the fl oor. Red, wavy lines this time. She kept up her pace. Dodged the blood. Reached the glass front doors. That’s when she stopped. Gulped in a steady stream of uneven air. One . . . two . . . three. Shoved the gun into her pocket. Rolled the balaclava off her face until it lay under the low hanging hood she wore. She hesitated at the door as his words came back to her:

‘Whatever you do, never run.’

She took deep breaths. Pushed her head down and the door at the same time. Stepped outside into one of London's busiest business districts. The light from the June sun struck her eyes, blinding her. She rapidly blinked trying to fl ick the glare from her
eyes. Trying to fi nd out if she could make it without being seen. Her vision cleared. And what she saw horrifi ed her. The area in front of her was fi lled with crowds of people, workers enjoying a drink and chat in the still bright evening light.

‘Whatever you do, never run.’

A deafening, high-pitched, wailing noise screamed blue murder from the building behind her.

She ran.

Her heartbeat kicked into overdrive. She didn’t look left. Didn’t look right. Didn’t look at the City workers who she knew were now gazing up at the building rocked by the alarm. Didn’t look at the people who were staring after her running fi gure. Didn’t look at the people who were now pulling out their mobiles to call the cops.

Sprinted around a corner. Kept motoring forward until a hand snatched her arm swinging her against a hard wall. The air slammed out of her body in a savage whoosh sound.

‘Where the hell have you been?’ Relief washed over Daisy as she stared at the familiar face. She opened her mouth to respond but the other person got there before her. ‘Get your arse into gear, we need to get to the car.’

Heads down, they bolted towards the waiting car. They kept going until they saw it in the distance. Saw the fi gure who waited for them in the driver’s seat. As they got closer the gun nose-dived out of her pocket. Clattered onto the ground. Daisy skidded to a halt. Whirled around.

‘Leave it!’ the other person yelled as they kept running forward.

But Daisy knew she couldn’t do that. She grabbed it. Rammed it back into her pocket. Twisted towards the car at the same time the other person reached the passenger side. She sprinted towards the car. The driver blocked the other person from her view. A police siren wailed between the city blocks somewhere in the distance. She ran harder. And harder. She was almost there.

Then there was a loud rolling rumble of thunder.

That’s all she heard. A terrifying boom tore through the air. The car she’d been running towards, exploded outwards and into a fireball. Daisy felt the shock go through her body as if she’d touched a live wire. She somersaulted through the air like a circus acrobat. She landed on her back, winded, as parts of car and street lamps came down around her until she was covered in debris and glass. She could feel something seeping down her face. Blood. Through her hazy vision she saw the shattered and twisted remains of the car as red and orange fl ames belched with smoke high into the air.

Her vision became fainter and fainter. Her mind started to slip. She heard The Mamas And Papas singing ‘Dedicated To The One I Love’ as her mind slipped further back. Back to two weeks ago. Back to the day her life had changed forever. Back to a day that had started with a death...

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