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Four Women
One last job
But will it be the last thing they ever do?

10 years ago…
Fifteen-year-old Jade Flynn and three other girls were forced to become the sole occupants of the fourth floor of St. Nicholas care home for children. Forced to take part in ‘special community projects’ – drugs dealing, money laundering, gun running. Forced to work for a man they nicknamed The Geezer. That is until a shocking event made them rebel. Made them steal some merchandise that didn’t belong to them. So they ran. Disappeared. Ceased to exist.

10 years later…
Jade Flynn is now living a respectable life as Jackie Jarvis and is getting married. She invites her three friends to be her maids of honour. But someone else turns up as well – The Geezer. He gives them two choices – he can either kill them or they can do one final job for him and then return to their respectable lives. So they agree to become his Geezer Girls one last time.But can they trust him? Would you?

This time if they cease to exist they won't be coming back.

Audio Book

audio book coverGeezer Girls is now available in an unabridged audio book. Narrated by Ben Onwukwe and published by Whole Story Audio Books. You can purchase this directly from the Whole Story Audio Books' website. Below you can hear a sample of Geezer Girls' audio book;


The plot had more twists than Hampton maze, and the characters were complex, funny, brutal in parts, but most of all charismatic. Reader review of audio book
Great book written by a great girl. Martina Cole
A potent mix steeped in London's East End gangsterland... clicks along at a mile a minute. Time Out
A rattling good page-turner... Locations and characters ooze authenticity. Reviewing the Evidence
Modern East London voices come in various shades, colours and races. Mitchell can reflect them all beautifully. Words of Colour


The bride and bridesmaids stared at their guns.


They stood in one of London's hottest clubs. On the middle floor. In a room that was two floors up from the silent dance floor, two floors down from the Members Only spa. They stood in a semi-circle. Around the table where the guns lay.  The bride, Jackie Jarvis, dragged her gaze away from the shooters. Stared directly at her three friends. Roxy. Anna. Ollie.

Finally she broke the silence. “Ollie’s right, he’s coming to get us, I know he is. And we can’t take the chance that he might not come to the church.” She stopped. Her tongue did a nervous flick across her lips. “If you want out, now’s the time to say it.”

Once again, she gazed at her friends.

“I’m in,” Ollie said calmly.

“So am I.” Roxy’s added.

“You know me girl.” Anna gave Jackie a half smile. “I’m always in.”

Jackie nodded. “OK, this is the set up. Anna and Roxy there’s no need for you two to be tooled-up. But as soon as we hit the church you both become our eyes. Check the place over, up and down, to see if he’s there.”

“And if he is?” Anna cut in.

The glow in Jackie’s green eyes became grim. “If that bastard has the brass balls to gatecrash my wedding…” She stopped. Eyeballed the guns. “Me and Ollie will have no choice but to blow him away.”

They all looked at Ollie. She ran her gaze over the guns. Reached out. Picked up the double action pistol. Shoved it inside the bouquet she held in her hand. Now they all looked at Jackie. She took a deep breath. Leaned forward. Plucked up the compact revolver.

“Anna, hide the other shooters,” Jackie commanded as she stepped back from the table. She moved quickly towards a chair. Lifted her right leg. Placed her white, silk, satin shoe on the seat. Her dress made a whooshing sound as she bunched it up. Past her ankle. Over her calf muscle. To the top of her thigh.  Until her white stocking leg and electric blue garter gleamed in the midday light. She stretched the garter with one hand. Placed the gun between it and her thigh. Shivered as the coolness of the metal settled against her skin.

“Sweet Jesus, Mother Mary and all the Saints,” she whispered. Then she gently placed the garter back into place.

She moved towards the freestanding mirror, walking in the shot of sunlight that hit the room. She gazed at her white reflection. Sighed. This should’ve been the happiest day of her life. The others quickly gathered around her. Stared tensely at their own reflections. They wore shy blue A-line, above the knee, bridesmaids dresses and claret heels, the colours of Jackie’s favourite footie team, West ham United.

“Whatever happens,” Ollie said as her hand tightened on her bouquet. ”Always remember that we’re family. We came in this together and we’ll come out of it together.”

They remained silent as they stared at their collective reflections like it was the last picture they would ever take together.

"Ok ladies." Jackie said. "Its time to rock ‘n’ roll."

They moved. Towards the door. The door opened just before they reached it. In the doorway stood the one man they all trusted. The man who had saved their lives. The man who would be giving Jackie away at the church. He gave Jackie an ecstatic, proud smile. “Sweetheart, you look like a flamin’ angel.”

Jackie’s wedding dress whispered as she moved to meet him. He crooked his arm. She slid her arm into his. Smiled. He kissed her on the cheek. Then they turned. Stepped out of the door. The gun on her thigh began to warm up against her skin.


Jackie nodded at the man who held her arm as they stood on the threshold of the church door where the packed crowd waited inside. Her right hand tightened on his sleeve. Her left hand smoothed along her dress, feeling the outline of the gun. She took a deep breath. Held it. Stepped forward. Exhaled. The organ started to play West Ham United’s theme song. The congregation turned around, watching Jackie coming down the aisle, as they began to sing.

"I’m forever blowing bubbles.

Pretty bubbles in the air..."

The song bounced with a rowdy, jubilant quality that any Hammer’s fanatic would be proud of. Jackie’s nine-year-old son, decked out in claret trousers and jacket and blue waistcoat, blew bubbles at his mum at she passed by. Jackie gave him a reassuring, shaky smile as a wet bubble burst against her veil. She quickly looked away, her gaze searching the crowd. For him. The geezer.

She checked the faces of the crowd on the left as the pulse of the singing swayed higher.

"They fly so high, nearly reach the sky..."

Checked right.

"Then like my dreams they all fade and die..."

She blew out a deep, low breath because there was no sign of him. Her face lit up into a cheek-popping smile. She fixed her eyes straight ahead. Onto the man she was about the marry. Everything’s gonna be alright; everything’s gonna be alright, she chanted in her head as she moved. Finally she reached her husband-to-be, as the crowd raised the roof with the song’s final line.

"Pretty bubbles in the air."

The groom lifted her veil. Touched her face. His hand fell away as Father Tom began.

"Dearly beloved..."

Yeah, everything was gonna be alright.

Fifteen minutes later the Priest announced, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.”
Jackie stared up at her new husband, the gun at her thigh forgotten. His hand slid to her face. Pulled her forward. Gave her the biggest smacker she’d ever had. The crowd wolf whistled and clapped. A camera flashed.


A gunshot ripped through the air.

Someone screamed. Jackie knew it wasn’t her. Her husband clung to her. Pressed her close. Then his arms fell away. He staggered back. Her head flopped down to stare at her wedding dress. To stare at the blood splashed across it. Her knees began to buckle as the blood began to spread. As she began to remember how all of this had started...

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